Writing, copy editing, and proofreading
give you the chills?
Grammar, punctuation, word usage, and scintillating sentence construction
not your strong suits? You may need…

Helping you say what you mean
and mean what you say

“I wouldn’t publish a newsletter without running it past Susan. Working with her has sharpened and polished my message, and has helped me become a technically stronger writer in the process.”
~Jan Hatchard, Director of Development, MVCS

Nationally-known speaker, educator, author, editor, and award-winning recording artist, Susan Klein has given writing workshops in America and Europe. She can help you create, edit, and proofread some of the most important information you’ll ever present to the public: brochures; newsletters; programs; speeches; newspaper, radio and television advertising. Susan is also an AFTRA voice-over artist.

at Ruby Window Productions offering communication advice for clients nationwide
Call Susan Klein at 508 693-4140.

*a discerning eye belonging to a former school teacher who loves the finely-sculpted English phrase



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