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Collected, Adapted and Told by Ceil Anne Clement

Ceil Anne Clement's ability to capture the effects of a Northern Plains blizzard is nothing short of arresting. Sojourners of every sort - musicians, farmers, brides, beverage salesmen, and more - populate this truly wonderful collection of stories adapted from the lives of those who lived through these tempestuous storms."

Directed and Produced by Susan Klein, Ruby Window Productions

CD: $18


Lobstering with My Papa
Written by Billie Hancock
Illustrations by Joan Walsh
Read by Susan Klein

Based on a real family’s experiences, Lobstering with my Papa is the gentle yet captivating story of Mark, a young boy enjoying his annual visit with his very capable grandparents for the month of July on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Papa Herb and Granny live in Menemsha, the island’s traditional fishing village, where they go lobstering each summer. For a sneak peek, please visit

Book with story on CD
Price: $19.95


And Now, Would You Please Welcome...
by Susan Klein


Storytellers will find this guide to be an excellent addition to their performance library. If you are ever called to Emcee an event, this guide is indispensable. It contains effective procedures on list of duties, preparation, time management, and introductions. It also discusses the dos and don’ts of emceeing and explains the proper etiquette for the role.

Book Price: $15
(Spiral Bound)




Aphrodite's NosegayAphrodite's Nosegay (Compact Disc)
by Susan Klein

A bouquet of love stories including two collected by the Brothers Grimm, retold from a feminine point of view; a humorous bit of contemporary ranch-woman poetry; the enchantment-breaking answer to the age-old question, "What is it that a woman rightly desires and deserves?", and an old piece of Maine folklore revitalized in Susan's inimitable style.

"'Nosegay' is more pungent than sweet, more raucous than dainty, more powerful than delicately lovely: in other words, delightful." -- Joyce Hancock, E.A.R.S. Review.

CD: $18



by Susan Klein and Photgrapher Alan Brigish

A History of the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society Celebrating the Continuity of Life, Family, and Community


Book Price: $29.95


Ethics, Apprenticeship, Etiquette, Courtesy, and Copyright
by Susan Klein

Ethical questions constantly surround a storyteller, whether as a performer or working in the applied fields. This guide has everything from A to Z on how to tell a story that you love in an ethical fashion. Find the answer to all the ethical dilemmas you may face and how to avoid them. Copyright information also included.

Book Price: $20
(Spiral Bound)




Willie the Bug ManFLOOD -- "Bound Brook, NJ, 1999 -- A Confluence of River and Rain"
by Susan Klein

Susan's original story based on oral histories she gathered over 18 months has been hailed "a masterpiece" by reviewers. The Raritan River rose 42 1/2 feet, 13 1/2 feet above flood stage in September of 1999 when Hurricane Floyd stalled over central NJ. In a matter of 5 hours, between 8 and 11 inches of rain fell over 800 square miles, displacing 5000 people. Follow 7 story lines that intertwine to discover a story that "has a searing effect on the soul." (Quotes from Messenger Gazette)

CD Price: $18

Forbidden (Compact Disc)
by Susan Klein

Four rites of passage stories with female protagonists from Alaska (Sedna), Greece (Persephone), South Africa (The Star Sister) and Vietnam (The Crystal Teacup). Each story contains a forbidden element that the protagonist must challenge.


CD: $18

Silent Night
by Susan Klein

2000 Parent's Guide Award

CD Price: $18

Through a Ruby Window
by Susan Klein

1995 Publisher's Weekly Listen-Up Award

Stories of growing up in a small island community include the seven on the tape by the same name (see selection above) as well as at least a half dozen more; stories of the annual Bass and Bluefish Derby, events at the Pink House in the Campground (a Victorian enclave of gingerbread houses), the discovery of truth and poetry as well as the paradoxes of small town living.

"Through a Ruby Window . . . shows the author is as fine a writer as she is a storyteller. Susan Klein is, above all, perceptive . . . and has given us a Vineyard picture that rings true, lifts the spirit and gives us joy. Be sure to have this book in your collection." -- Virginia Poole, Vineyard Gazette.

Hard Cover Price: $20

Paperback Price: $15

2 CD set: $25

Willie the Bug ManWillie the Bug Man (Compact Disc)
by Susan Klein

1997 NAPPA National Association of Parenting Publications Awards

Stories of Brers Rabbit and Raccoon, Frog and Centipede, the Fat Cat and the Magic Orange Tree are introduced by Susan's autobiographical tale of raising butterflies with her former Kindergarten-First Grade students, featuring "wonderful" descriptions of the Monarch life cycle, right down to the tiniest details in the appearances of the caterpillar and chrysalis as well as "the sometimes humerous, sometimes insightful actions of the children" and "how human personal relationships change with time. . . ."

"Susan Klein is a gifted storyteller." -- Gary A. Dunn, editor IW, Young Entomologists' Society.

CD: $18

WisdomWisdom's Tribute (Compact Disc)
by Susan Klein


A South African myth, a Korean folktale, a literary story set in China and a slice of biography from the American Depression add up to a wonderful quartet of rites of passage stories illustrating our similarities through a celebration of our differences. "Like the ancient ones who held the secrets of a participating tribe or culture, Susan brings us back to the lure and lull of one human being speaking to another in a language which is universal." -- Wendy Brophy, Martha's Vineyard Times.

CD: $18




Through a Ruby Window (book)Live & Thriving *
NSN- 30th Festival Presenters

In this 2-part collection to which you will listen time and time again, 16 storytellers recorded live at the 30th National Storytelling Festival grace this 'must-have'  treasure for storytelling enthusiasts.


CD Price: $25



The Secret
written by Merrily Fenner
illustrated by Joan Walsh

The Secret is a magical tale set on the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard. When a little boy's dog gets sick, his good friend, an old fisherman has an idea. Join in discovering the secret of just who comes to the rescue. Glorious illustrations highlight this charming tale edited by Susan Klein. A delightful song on CD accompanies the book. For a sneak peek, please visit:

Book with song on CD
Price: $19.95



by Peggy Hagen

With a twist of the wrist, the pieces of a kaleidoscope fall together in endless combinations, creating new images. The same can be said of stories - with a twist here, or a new perspective there, old tales becomes new, and we are made aware once more of their timeless wisdom.

Peggy Hagen's beautiful voice and rhythmic expression are perfect for these familiar tales told from fresh viewpoints.

CD Price: $18





Stories for Singing Down the Rain *
by Sandy Oglesby

Stories for Singing Down the Rain is a sampler of stories that have their origin in the parched Sonoran Desert. Each story, whether personal narrative or historical fiction, cries out for the “rain.” The joyous summer storms bring refreshment. The winter rains nurture, and after a long drought, we sing out in praise of a rain that can well mean our very survival. The stories on this CD use the metaphor of rain as a way of describing our need for love, friendship, and hope during "life's days of drought." May they bring you encouragement, laughter, and joy! This CD will be enjoyed by mature children and adults.

CD Price: $18

What's That Coming? *
by Sandy Oglesby

Sandy Oglesby's original stories can charm anyone of any age. These two, What's That Coming? and Gilly & The Two-leggeds, on the theme of the arrival of the First People to what is now known as the Valley of the Sun in Arizona, are great for the little ones. Be sure to ask about Sandy's ApronTales™ when you order.

CD Price: $18



The Story of the Grail *
by Liz Warren

2004 Parents' Choice Recommended Award winner in the Storytelling category

Storytelling World Award, 2006 Honor Title

CD Price: $18


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* Produced by Ruby Window Productions
** Sound production and editing by Ruby Window Productions
Editorial contributions by Susan Klein



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