MPR's "Good Evening Show" for NPR

Vineyard View

Pioneer Mutual Funds
Jose Cuervo
The New Yorker Magazine
WIRED Magazine

Special Appearances

Women's Center of Jacksonville
Disney Institute
Story: From Fireplace to Cyberspace, University of Illinois
Johns Hopkins University Storytelling Theatre
Perspectives in Children's Literature
Washington Storytellers' Theatre
Sundance Film Festival
Celebrity Possible Dreams Auction,
        Martha's Vineyard Community Services
Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts
The Power of Story Conference, Germany
The Association for Young Children Conference, Germany
Women Empowered

Colleges and Universities
DeKalb, GA
UM-Gorham, ME
UNC-Asbeville, NC
Morgantown University, WV
Prescott College, AZ
Merced College, CA
Kent State University, OH
University of Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Ml
University of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ
South Mountain Community College, AZ
UMASS - Amherst, MA
East Tennessee State University, TN
Connecticut College. CT
USD, San Diego, CA
University of Maryland, Institute of Art
Department of Defense Dependents Schools

Eckerd Pharmacy -- national television commercial
Chicken Soup for the Soul
daRosa Corp.

"A Consequence of River and Rain, The Bound Brook Flood of 99," for
       The Heritage Trail Association, Somerset County, NJ

"The Life of Johnny Appleseed" for W-GBH Radio Boston,
       "The Spider's Web"

Susan has performed in 36 states and 6 countries

Featured Festivals

Allen County Public Library Festival Fort Wayne, IN 1994
Azalea Storytelling Festival Georgia  
Bay Area Storytelling Festival San Francisco, CA 1995
Bluestem Storytelling Festival Springfield, IL 1997
Boise River Festival Boise, ID 1999
Chincopin Storytelling Festival Peoria, IL 1998
Clayville Folk Festival Clayville, IL 1988
Colonial Williamsburg Festival Colonial Williamsburg, VA 2008
Connecticut Storytelling Festival New London, CT 1992
Corn Island Storytelling Festival Louisville, KY 1985, 1986, 1995
Detroit Storytelling Festival Detroit, IL 1990, 2001
East Brunswick Storytelling Festival E. Brunswick, NJ 2001
Elmhurst Storytelling Festival Elmhurst, IL 1993
Emerald Coast Storytelling Festival Ft. Walton Beach, FL 1997
Festival of Storytelling on Martha's Vineyard Oak Bluffs, MA 1988-95, 1998-99
Florida Storytelling Camp Eustis, FL 1997, 1999, 2010
Flying Leap Storytelling Festival Solvang, CA 1998
Gatesville Storytelling Festival Nashville, Indiana 1986
Graz Erzahlt Storyfest Graz, Austria 1997
Heritage Trail Storytelling Festival Bridgewater, NJ 2000, 2001
Hoosier Storytelling Fesival Indianapolis, IN 1992
Illinois Storytelling Festival Woodstock, IL 1987
Jackson Storytelling Festival Jackson, MI 1990, 2001
Johnny Cake Festival Peacedale, RI 1999
Keeper of the Word Festival Amherst, MA 1996
Las Vegas Storytelling Festival Las Vegas, NV 1992
L.A.U.G H. S. Festival Leesburg, VA 2002
Long Island Storytelling Festival Huntington, NY 1992
Magnolia Storytelling Festival Roswell, Georgia 2007 and 2009
Maine Festival of Storytelling Scarborough, ME 1991
Mariposa Storytelling Festival Mariposa, CA 2000
Nantucket Arts Festival Nantucket, MA 1997
National Storytelling Festival Jonesborough, TN 1989, '92, '95, '99, '02, '06
National Storytelling Concert Ft. Worth, TX 1994, 2002, 2010
New Salem Storytelling Festival New Salem, IL 1993, 1995
Northern Appalachian Storytelling Fest Mansfield, PA 1997, 2000
Oklahoma Storytelling Festival OKC, OK 2009
Olde Christmas Festival Atlanta, GA 1995
OOPS Storytelling Festival Omaha, NE 1991
Once Upon A Time Kent, OH 1996
Orlando Storytelling Festival Orlando, FL 2002
Pacific Storytelling Festival San Luis Obispo, CA 2000
Performances to Grow On Ojai, CA 2002
Prairie Center for the Arts Shaumburg, IL 2002
Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts State College, PA 2000
River City Festival Reno, NV 1999
Riverwind Storytelling Festival Belleville, IL 2001
Rockford Storytelling Festival Rockford, IL 1991, 1993
Salt Creek Storytelling Festival Nashville, IN 1986
Seaside Storytelling Festival Duxbury, MA 1998
Sierra Storytelling Festival Nevada City, CA 1990, '92, '96, '01, '06
South Mountain Storytelling Festival Phoenix, AZ 2002
St. Louis Storytelling Festival St. Louis, MO 1990
Storytelling Festival of Martha's Vineyard  

1988, '89, '90, '91, '92, '93, '94, '95,

'98 & '99
Tapestry of Tales Storytelling Festival Winchester, MA 1999
Tejas Storytelling Festival Denton, TX 1993
Tell It In the Mountains Festival Asheville, NC 1993
Three Apples Harvard, MA 1998, 1995
Timpanogos Storytelling Festival Orem, UT 1996, 2000
Wintertales Oklahoma City, OK 1989

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